Mouse Controlling Macros

e-Sword Macros for Word 2003
Macros giving you all of the capability of e-Sword's Search and Copy functions.
Rick Meyers
Quick Macros
Automation program that can launch applications.
Gintaras Didzgalvis
It can automate any Windows program with macros and auto clicks.
Technology Lighthouse

Mouse Controlling Macros

APA Referencing Macros
APA Referencing Macros are Microsoft Word macros that will automate the referencing of papers, essay......
Southern Ocean Software
Internet Macros
iOpus Software GmbH
e-Sword Macros for Word 2000
File format for e-sword.
Rick Meyers
My Macros
Program that helps you automate all of the repetitive tasks.
GoldSolution Software, Inc.
Windows Speech Recognition Macros
Windows Speech Recognition Macros uses your voice to execute useful macros.
Barcode Macros
These special macros consist of pure VBA modules with customizable code.
The Easy Bee
Create scheduled Web agents that fill forms, extract and aggregate any content.
Desktop Macros
Utility that records all mouse and keyboard events.
xStarter Solutions, Inc.
Macros IDE
ActiveX Scripting IDE with a powerful script and form editors that can be used as a...

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Mouse Controlling Macros

Auto Mouse Click
Automate any number of mouse click combinations using macros.
MurGee Softwares Pvt Ltd
Controlling für Nicht-Controller
InstallShield Software Corporation
It enables you to edit AV_GEN or DriverWorks drivers.
Control4, Corp.
Cooler Master - Mech
Driver for Mech keyboard.
Cooler Master
Macro Toolworks Professional
Powerful all-in-one automation software.
Pitrinec Software